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Setting Firm Wide Customisations - Resource Packs
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You can edit a few areas as part of the initial setup of the software (and amend whenever needed) that can be rolled out across your firm.


Items that can be edited are:

  • Type of shapes and colours for entities
  • Settings for the output
  • Corporate colours and Logo


It is recommended that you take a backup of the below file before you start editing this item.


  • Go to the Settings Tab
  • And Select Resources


Editing the resources:


  • Enter a name for this pack - Resources Name

  • Save the file as a resources pack file (*.fcres) that others can access on a shared drive.



  • To edit the default settings Click on the Cog to open up the settings



  • From here you will be able to set firm wide defaults



  • Your Chart can be customised with your firm’s colour and Logo.



If you have any questions, please contact our support team at [email protected]

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