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FuseSign Team Structures
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Teams allow you to control access to signing bundles and which users have access to see those bundles. You are also able to assign different branding per team as required. 


For more information about FuseSign Teams please visit the Multiple Divisions / Teams within FuseSign article


For a break down of which users in your FuseSign account can see which Documents/Bundles in each team: 



Setting up teams within FuseSign is easy, follow along below to find out how: 


1. Log in to your FuseSign account 


2. Navigate to the 'Teams' area on the left hand side tool bar: 


3. You will now see the homepage of your Team area, simply select 'Enable Teams' 


4. Once enable you can start creating your teams by entering the name of the team here and selecting the + button to save the team 


5. Now that you have added a team the firmwide branding originally added to your settings will automatically be applied to your new team, if you need this team to have different branding you can select 'Enable Brand' and then 'Edit Brand' you will then be presented with a new window to add new branding for this specific team 




6. You can now start assigning your users to your teams, for this example we have created three teams within our firm: Administration Team, Human Recourses Team & Business Advisory Team - Therefore we can switch those teams on and off for specific users. To turn on access for the user simply check the allocated box and this will give them access




7. Within each team you have the option to have the return email address, to edit this, simply select 'Edit' against your team and on the 'Email Options' tab you have the ability to assign an email address:



You're now ready to start using your teams set up! 


If you have any questions, please contact our support team on [email protected]


Fair use policy of Teams

Teams functionality is designed to allow a business to make the most of their FuseSign subscription and send custom branded emails to their recipients using a unique email address ("From" address) for that Team, as well as the other features listed below.

FuseWorks reserves the right to increase the subscription level or cancel that subscription in the case of a business using Teams functionality outside of this intention - for example, sharing a FuseSign subscription with multiple separate businesses.

All data within a single FuseSign business (even with Teams enabled) is still ultimately stored within the same business data silo, and functionality around security and data control of the documents and bundles for that business is ultimately controlled by the FuseSign Champions for that business.

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