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Recipient Signing Order
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Recipient signing orders have now been rolled out in FuseSign. 


This feature has now replaced the 'Last Signer Mode' that was originally released with FuseSign. 


Signing Order Groups gives you granular control over the signing order of your bundle's recipients. FuseSign will send the bundle to one group at a time, and will progress to the next group automatically when these signatures are completed. Groups can have as many or as few recipients as you choose, and there is no limit on the number of groups in a bundle. This means that you could have a new group for each signatory if you needed the bundle to progress one by one.


To use this feature, please follow the below instructions: 


1. Start your new bundle - If you need instructions on how to get started on your first bundle, please visit our related article: How to send a bundle

2. Add recipients to your bundle as normal

3. To create your signing order, simply click and drag your recipient. When you start to drag your recipients you will notice that a new group will appear for you (see clip below for direction)

4. You are now ready to finish adding your bundle deals and documents are you usually would. 



If you have any questions please contact our support team at [email protected]


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