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Recipient Email Address Validation
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Recipient email address are now validated during the bundle creation process allowing the FuseSign user to confirm an email will be delivered or if the email address needs to be reviewed.


When adding a recipient to your new bundle, there are three different validation symbols that could appear to indicate if the email is likely or unlikely to be delivered, please see below for the three different validation symbols:




The green symbol indicates that the email address has been validated and the email will be received as expected. 


The red symbol indicates that the email address was unable to be validated. This is a prompt to then check your records to ensure the email address is correct or to contact your client for an updated email address.


The helpicon symbol indicates that the email address was unable to be validated either way, therefore the check has been timed out.


Please note these validation symbols are only an indicator, bundles can still be sent with the email address that were detected to be invalid.


If you have any questions, please contact our support team at [email protected] or contact our office on 07 3233 6440.


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