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APS Contact Sync
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APS Contact Sync will connect your FuseSign account to your APS Contacts+ Account.


APS Contacts+ is an online tool which connects and syncs contacts from your on-premise APS database to an APS hosted tool. More information can be found here:



Steps for connecting

A user with the FuseSign Champion role can navigate to the contacts sync page within their FuseSign account and connect to APS.


1. Click Settings > Contact Data Sync

2. Select "Connect" under APS as the data source


3. You will be navigated to the APS Contacts+ authentication page. Enter your login details.



4. Once you login - FuseSign will connect and retrieve all contacts within your APS database and populate these into your FuseSign Contacts list. A summary will be shown on the FuseSign page.



Automatic Updates

The Sync tool will resync your data every 2 hours (as long as your login and connection to APS is not revoked).


You can manually resync this connection every 5 minutes by pressing the "Resync Now" button.


Troubleshooting Steps


Contacts are retrieved into FuseSign and populated based on their contact details in APS Contacts+. 


For a contact to be populated into Fusesign, it must have: 

  1. a full name
  2. a valid email address, and
  3. a valid phone number.


You can press Download Sync Summary to retrieve a CSV file which will summarise any records which were not able to be imported.



Incorrect Fields shown in FuseSign from Contacts+

FuseSign retrieves the Primary Email and Primary Phone fields first. If these records are not populated, the "Other Email" and "Other Phone" are used instead.


FuseSign retrieves directly from these fields in APS Contacts+ and relies on this information being configured properly with the APS sync from your local aps_dsql database. FuseSign cannot sync directly with custom fields within local APS. This must be managed and configured by your APS consultant.


For assistance with the APS component of APS Contacts+ and the cloud sync, please email [email protected], or goto the APS Cloud Services page in the myAPS Portal and click on the more information link here:



If you have any questions, please contact our support team on [email protected]





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