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FuseSign Storage Limit
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FuseSign storage limit refers to the number of ‘Total File Size of all PDF Documents in Completed' bundles you have sitting within your FuseSign account. You can think about this the same way your email inbox storage works – it’s no small limit but is in place as a security measure to ensure FuseSign is not used as a long-term storage inbox and in turn we want to encourage our clients to be following best practice once documents have been finalised and returned to your completed folder.

Note: this storage limit does not refer to your active bundles, as you can have as many active bundles out as you need, this only refers to your completed bundles. If your completed bundles have reached is storage limit, you will need to archive bundles to then send any new ones.

Once bundles are moved to a pending archive state, your storage capacity will reduce.

Best Practice:

Best practice steps when a bundle has been signed and finalised is to go into your FuseSign account to firstly download the bundle and save them into your document management system (if not auto-filing back). Once downloaded, you should then be archiving the bundle which will move it through the correct stages – see Bundle Stages and Archiving of Bundles.

You also have the option to enable 'auto archiving' within your FuseSign settings under 'Finalisation Email' which will automatically move any bundles into a pending archive state once completed. This typically works best for firms using FYI which has an auto-file back function.

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