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Document Bundle Review
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To review the information submitted in your bundle, simply select the bundle from your active bundle list. Once selected you will be presented with your Bundle Details, Bundle Actions, Bundle Recipients and the Bundle History (Audit Trail). 


When opening a bundle, the first banner of information you see will be the status of your bundle, for example, this bundle is showing as 'Awaiting Signatures':



Bundle Details:
This area will show you the Subject, Body and Due Date of your bundle.



Bundle Actions:

Within the Bundle Actions you will be able to see what actions were assigned to your recipients.
Here we can see that the recipient 'Gabriella Simon' is yet to view the document and the recipient 'Melissa Voss' was set to sign the document.


Bundle Recipients:
In the Bundle Recipients area it shows the Name, Email Address and Phone Number for your recipient. If you notice that you have made a mistake with either the Email Address or Phone Number of your client, simply select the 'Edit' function to the right of these fields. Once you have edited the details, you can then also 'Resend' the document bundle to the recipient that changes were made to.



Bundle History (Audit Trail): 

Tracked in the Bundle History you will be able to see information on when the bundle was created and the ongoing flow of events following.



If you require any assistance, please contact [email protected] or (07) 3233 6440.


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