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Firm Wide Configuration Settings
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As a starting point with your FuseSign application we recommend setting up your firm wide configuration settings to ensure your bundles are consistent and branded to your firm requirements.


To find your configuration settings, navigate to the left-hand side toolbar and select 'Settings' under the configuration heading:



Once you have opened your settings you will have five key areas to complete:


Please note that if you are unsure about any of the options within your settings, please hover over the grey question mark and there will be explanation for each item.



Business Defaults

Business Name:
Enter your businesses name, this is appear on all bundles


Default Date Format:
Set the preferred date format


Preferred Time Zone:
Set the time zone for your specific location. 


Default Country Code:

Depending on your country you are able to set the default country area code for your clients. 


Default Signature Placement Mode:
This setting will allow you to change the signing preference of your bundles. For more information on the methods of signing within FuseSign, please go to the following article: Methods of Signing


Recipient Verification Mode:
The default verification mode determines how/when your client needs to present their authentication code to action their bundle: 


Option 1 - SMS to Sign: 

The client will be able to open the bundle link from their email and view the documents, however, to sign they will need to enter their verification code


Option 2 - SMS to View (Uses Signing Credits): 

To be able to open the bundle link from their email they will be prompted immediately to put in their verification code which means they will not be allowed to view the documents unless the code has been verified

*Note: if you use this setting, you will be charged a credit for anyone who needs to view their documents, not just for the signing recipients. 


Option 3 - Email to Sign (Unsecure): 
This setting does not require the client to put in a verification code to view or sign their bundle. We would only recommend this to be used as an ad hoc setting if there is a client that does not have a mobile number. 


Option 4- Email to View (Unsecure): 
All recipients must verify via a code sent to their email to able to view, download, sign or reject their documents. We would only recommend this to be used as an ad hoc setting if there is a client that does not have a mobile number. 


Default Bundle rejection mode: 
Select how your client's can reject the bundles you send. Recommended: Reject by Document single documents can be rejected without impacting others in progress.


Document Output

Signed Filename Format:
Choose whether the "SIGNED" label is at the start or end of the filename once documents have been signed and returned by the recipient.


Obfuscate Phone Number:
If you select this option it means that the mobile numbers recorded on the electronic sign declaration will be kept confidential - For example they will show as Mobile: XXXX XXX 111

Apply Signers' Initials to Documents:
When selecting this option, it means that when each signatory signs off on the document, their initials will be added to the bottom corner of each document.


Signers' Initials Position:
You have the option for the signers' initials to either be at the bottom left or the page or bottom right. 


Finalisation Email: 

Finalisation Recipient Email Mode:
This determines how the recipient receives their completed documents after the bundle has been finalised.


Option 1 - Email with Attachments:
Once the bundle has been finalised the client will receive an email with a attachments of the signed documents. 
*Note: We recommend only enabling this if you don't want to 2FA level on the return of the signed documentation to the client. It would be preferred method for you to use the 'Email with Link to Download' option because if you are using the 'SMS to View' option for your document authentication method, this means the client will need to enter in a code again to download their finalised documents keeping them locked down and out of emails.


Option 2 - Email with Link to Download:
Once the bundle has been finalised the client will receive an email with a link asking them to download their documents. They will then be taken to a webpage where they are able to download and save their documents.

*Note: For internal purposes if  you use this setting, you must perform a 'closure' event prior to being able to archive the bundle in the FuseSign platform. A closure event would be that the practice has either received the documents in a successful email or manually downloaded the documents for saving from the FuseSign platform. Once the bundle has been archived the client will have 60 days to still access this link and 7 days prior to the expiry of the link the client will be reminded via email that their documents still need to be saved. After 60 days the link will no longer work. 
*Note: In relation to the credit system for them accessing this feature with the 'SMS to View' option enabled, the client is entitled to access the documents 4 times before your firm is charged an additional signing credit. In their 4 visits to the documentation it is covered under your 1 signing credit for this recipient but anything beyond that will then be billed to your firm as a credit consumption. 


Bundle Delivery and Auto Archive Options:

These options will control what happens to your bundle once your signatories have completed the signing process.
If you have a central team member in your office who files and attends to all signed documents we recommend adding their email address to the 'Central Bundle Return Address' field. This will then deliver the signed documentation directly to their email for saving down and any other relevant actions.


Another option to note is 'Archive Finalised Bundles', if you select this option, it will move all completed bundles straight through to Archived. This means that when your bundle has been signed, it will NOT go to your 'Completed' folder, it will be moved straight through to your 'Archived' folder which means the documents attached to the bundle will be deleted and you will just be left with the audit trail of the bundle. Please proceed with caution and ensure that if you have this option selected that you have all completed bundles going to a central email that will be actioned.



Signing Experience 

Custom Logo:
When adding your firm logo, the following format and size requirements apply:

Format - PNG or JPG 

Size - 2MB, recommended ~500KBS


Banner Colour:
edit information here


Button Colour:
edit information here


Email Logo Alignment:

You have the option for your firm logo to be displayed on the left, centre or right of your email body.



This example window allows you to see how the logo and button colour will work together and also how the logo will be presented against the background of your emails. 


Test Email:

By sending the test email to yourself it will give you an example of how the logo will present on your emails and also the colour of your button. Please note that this is not sending you a test bundle, just an example of your email branding. 


Recipient Signing Page

Custom Branded Signing Page:
For clients on our Business or Enterprise plans you can now choose whether you’d like to take advantage of our Custom Signer branding on the website. This feature turns the page where your client signs into a personally business branded page with logo and corporate colours.



Email From

Business Name (Email from Name):
Please update the 'Email from NAME' field to be your business name so when a client receives your FuseSign email, they will know it is coming from your office.


Disable 'Via FuseSign':
This option means that the from area of your emails won't have 'Via FuseSign' showing after your firm name. 


This is an example of what the email recipient will see. 

Email Body
Default Body Message:
There is also the option to add a 'Default Body Message' in your bundles, we recommend using a base template that you can edit to add your recipients name for a more personalised message as shown in the below example.


Remove Email Standard Wording:
Use this function to remove some of the standard wording in your FuseSign emails as shown below:


SMS Notifications

SMS Notifications:

Select Enabled if you wish to be able to send SMS notifications on new bundles.


Example SMS Notification:

A preview of what your clients will receive. 


Reminders -
Setting your default bundle reminders will flow through to all your new bundles, however, please note that even though you set your default settings, you can still change these to suit each bundle at the time of creating a new bundle. 

Default Due Date (From Today):
This will add your default due date time frame in so when you are creating new bundles the 'Due Date' area will have already calculated X amount of days forward - However you are able to change this on a per bundle basis if required.


Default Bundle Reminder Mode:
Having a default bundle reminder mode is a good way to ensure you have more success on your clients signing their documentation on time. The two options available are as follows:
1. Day Before Due Date - An email will be sent as a reminder 1 day before their due date 

2. On Due Date - The day of their due date they will receive a reminder


Default Overdue Reminder Mode:
This will give you the option to send overdue reminders to your client to keep their documents top of mind for signing:
1. None - Once their due date has past they will receive no reminders from the FuseSign system to sign their documents unless you manually remind them via the active bundle

2. Weekly - Weekly from their due date they will receive an email prompting them to sign


Templates & Tags

Bundle Message Templates

Bundle Tags

Placeholder Templates



Xero Practice Manager - Contact Data Sync 

MYOB AE - Contact Data Sync

APS - Contact Data Sync

Importing recipient details

If you have any questions, please contact our office at [email protected]


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