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Managing your FuseWorks Account
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Managing FuseWorks Accounts


As the FuseSign Champion for your firm, you will receive an email inviting you to setup your FuseWorks account.

Once you have set a password, you are able to manage users and settings by logging in to Only users assigned as "User and Licence Administrator" have access to view and edit user information, and it does not contain any billing information.



Creating a New User


Option 1: Creating a new user directly from

With FuseSign licences there is no limit to the number of internal users you can give access to. FuseDocs users are limited by your subscription - please contact [email protected] if you have exhausted your licence allocation.

Giving your team access is simple, follow the below instructions: 

1. Log in to with your unique log in details (please contact [email protected] if you are not a "User and Licence Administrator").

2. Once logged in, select 'Create User'

3. You will now need to fill in the fields as highlighted below, then select 'Create' to finalise.
Email Address (mandatory), First Name (mandatory), Last Name (mandatory), Member of (optional), Notification Preference (this will default to Email), Licenses. Member of and Licence allocation can be changed after creating the user - for more information on "Member Of" options, see below in this article.


Option 2: Creating a new user from within FuseSign:

1. Log in to with your unique log in details (please contact [email protected] if you are not a "User and Licence Administrator").

2. Once logged in, enter in to your FuseSign platform 

3. From selecting 'Users' on the left-hand tool bar, you will be presented with a screen to add additional users and edit their information: 

4. Simply select 'Add New User' to get started

5. If you need to add additional licencing rights to this user like 'FuseSign Champion' or 'User and Licence Administrator' you will need to select the 'Advanced Editor' which will give you the same editing abilities as creating a user through


Managing Access Groups for FuseDocs Workflows

FuseDocs templates allow Workflow stages to be restricted to certain users, for example "Finalisation" stage may be available to Managers only. For an overview of this on a FuseDocs Template level, please see this article:

Once you have determined which users will have access to the Workflow stage on a given Template, you can then create the Access Group and use "Member of" column to assign this group to  the users who require it. To do this:

1) Log into (requires User & Licence Administrator access, please contact [email protected] if you do not have this access)

2) Scroll to the bottom of the page under "System Actions". Enter a "Group Name" next to Create Group, and a Group Description if necessary, and then click "Create Group".

3)  Use the "Member Of" column for a given user to allow them access to the newly created Group. For example, if you have created a "Managers" role, you can select that role in the drop down list and it will appear for the user. To remove role access for that user, click the [x] button next to that role designation. There is no "save" action, once you click to assign or remove a role that change is instant for the user. In the example below, we are giving the user access to the Group "Stage 2".


'Member of' Column Roles:

Please note the 'Member of' area is where you can assign team members higher access levels for FuseDocs or FuseSign. This also includes custom levels of Workflow access for FuseDocs users - please see section above. Regular users of FuseDocs and FuseSign can have this field left blank, as long as they are assigned a licence in the "Licenses" column.


User and Licence Administrator: 

These team members can add and manage users. They have the ability to control the access of all users to FuseWorks products by assigning user licences or Workflow access levels.


FuseSign Champion: 

Users with FuseSign Champion rights have the ability to access the billing area in FuseSign, and may change any of the firm-wide settings in FuseSign. We recommend only having one or a small amount of people in the firm with access to the FuseSign Champion rights to ensure consistency.


FuseDocs Champion: 

These team members can edit FuseDocs compilation resources, file name search conventions and tooltips/labels on templates.


Custom Role:

Custom roles can be created to allow access restriction for FuseDocs Workflow stages. Please see "Managing Access Groups" section above.



Meaning of the 'Licenses' Column:

Users must have a licence assigned to them in order to use any FuseWorks product. Assigning a licence for FuseDocs or FuseSign allows them to use the product as a standard user. Please ensure a licence is properly assigned for any new users created, otherwise they will be unable to use any FuseWorks product.


FuseSign Licence

These team members can draft, edit and send bundles within FuseSign.


FuseDocs Licence

These team member can log in and run compilations within the FuseDocs App, and have access to Workflow files.


Any newly created user will receive a welcome email and be invited to finalise their FuseWorks User Account by setting a personal password. 


If you have any questions, please contact our support team at [email protected]



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