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Bundle Stages and Archiving of Bundles
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There are four stages your FuseSign document bundle will go through from beginning to end - Draft, Active, Completed, and Archived.


Your bundle has not yet been sent to any Recipients. All Recipient details, documents, and bundle settings will be saved in the Draft format ready to go.


If you are part of a Team, this will affect your default Bundle settings

Active (Awaiting Signatures)

Your bundle has been sent to recipients for signing and has actions outstanding.


For any bundles that are View Only (no signatures required by Recipients), the bundle will move to the Completed folder immediately.

If you have multiple stages of signers, the second stage will not trigger until the first stage has completed.


The bundle documents have been finalised (fully signed by your clients) and certified by FuseSign. Original documents have been replaced in the system with their signed copies. Once all actions on the bundle have been completed, the Recipients and business are emailed a copy of finalised documents.


Your Completed folder is the only stage that counts toward your FuseSign Inbox storage limit (your limit depends on your FuseSign subscription level). Please ensure you are regularly saving down the Completed bundle documents.
Once saved you can then action the ‘Archive’ button on your bundle which will move it through to the Archive folder where it will enter Pending Archive status. Archived bundles will not count toward your storage limit. Once you have reached your Inbox size limit, you may draft new bundles but you will not be able to send them until you are under the maximum threshold again.

For bundles that are too large to be emailed (or if your firm has turned off emailing completed documents in settings), your team must manually download the documents by clicking Download for that bundle before they are able to be Archived.



Your bundle will progress through to the Archive folder once you have manually clicked the ‘Archive’ button on your completed bundle. Alternatively, this will happen automatically if you have the ‘Archive Finalised Bundles’ option selected in your business settings.  

Within the Archive stage you are given a grace period of 60 days. The bundle will remains as Pending Archive status during that time. After the 60 day grace period the documents are purged completely from FuseSign and only the audit trail and bundle history remain available in the Archive folder.


Any signers who have not received a copy either through an email attachment or an email with a manual download link are warned 7 days before the pending deletion (i.e. at 53 days after bundle Completion).  Once in Archive status after the 60 days client links become inactive – the documents will be unavailable to download or view at that point. 



If you require additional information, please don't hesitate to contact our office on (07) 3233 6440 or email [email protected] with your query.


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