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Importing recipient details
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Contact Sync

For Read only contacts, see: 

Contact Sync allows you to link your FuseSign account with an external system and import FuseSign recipients.
Currently we support CSV files but in future will support other providers.


CSV Import
To upload from CSV, first go to Settings-> Contact Data Sync.
Click Connect on the CSV File source.

This will show you that you are now connected, but not yet synced.

To sync, click the Sync button and upload a file. Note there is a limit of 5000 customers per file.

Your sync will begin in the background.


When you revisit the page, you will be able to see the sync results:

You can click Download Error Summary to review any errors from the upload.


You can sync new files at any time and FuseSign will add the new records in the CSV.


Import Notes:

  • Some clients find if they filter their data list by records which have no First Name they will remove all non-individual entities
  • Make sure you go through your mobile number list, as some systems allow other data to be stored in this field, this needs to be cleaned up before it can be imported (spaces are okay)
  • If a recipient does not have a mobile number you will still be able to import them, it just means that you are revoking the second layer of security on the bundle
  • Any international phone numbers must be in the format +CODE NUMBER
  • You can include other columns in this list, the system will ignore any that are not "Name,Email,PhoneNumber"


External Contacts
When a customer has the source External it means the customer has been imported from an external FuseSign integration (for example FYIDocs).


Imported Contacts (Read Only)
When importing contacts externally (for example from FYIDocs integration) the contact becomes read only. This is to prevent inconsistencies from the imported data on next sync.


If you need to update the customer, you can update in the external source and resync on the Settings-> Contact Data Sync page.

If you cannot update the external source, you can convert the customer to Manual in FuseSign (by clicking Source tab > Manual button - see below screenshot).
Converting to manual will allow you to edit the contact, but will disconnect it from the external data source. You can resync it later which will make it read only again.



If you require any additional information, please contact our office on (07) 3233 6440 or [email protected]

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