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Release Notes
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This page contains the details of changes to the FuseSign product over time.


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Major Changes

  • Advanced Bundle search - you can now search for bundles across many categories, such as Recipient or Sender
  • More detail on the billing page dialogs to give more context when changing plans for buying credits.

Minor Changes

  • Ability to CC the bundle creator in Bundle finalise and rejection emails


  • Fixed a bug where scanned PDF's would show strange annotations
  • Fixed a bug where the Due Date would show incorrectly on the bundle review screen
  • Fixed issues with sub-businesses support


Major Changes

  • Bundle Templates - You can now create and assign bundle templates to prefill your email subject and body, as well as bundle tags/
  • Bundle Tags - you can now tag bundles to better categorise your bundles

Minor Changes

  • FuseSign API Users can now use impersonation, where a FuseSign administrator token can specify a Created By email to mark the bundle as created by that user



Major Changes

  • Grid mode option when creating bundles - a more condensed view to make it easier to create large bundles

Minor Changes

  • A warning will now show if attempting to send add a user whose name contains PTY, LTD, TRUST or FUND. Bundles should only be sent to real people rather than entities.
  • General performance improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where FuseDocs/FuseSign integration users could not proceed on first time use.


Major Changes

  • The settings page is now split into tabs to simplify the experience

Minor Changes

  • Support for preferred timezone for output reports (Defaults to UTC time)
  • Ability to set Default due date time span rather than just 30 days
  • Underscores are no longer supported in file names
  • You now do not need to hit Save on the settings page (Except when changing the Signer Webpage/Email customisations)

Bug Fixes

  • General performance optimisations


Minor Changes

  • Can now set the custom branding banner colour independently of the button colour. The banner is the section behind your logo in the Branded email, and the top bar in the Signer experience.
  • Fixed an issue where drafts would not save due dates
  • Fixed an issue where the signer custom branding setting would not save
  • The bundle creator will now receive an email when a document is rejected even if the bundle is not yet finalised.


Major Changes

  •  User experience improvements to the Recipient signer desktop experience
  • Support for Recipient signer experience custom Firm Branding

Minor Changes

  • Partially rejected bundles will now show the document rejection reason in the finalisation email, as well as on the Bundle review screen
  • Draft bundles can be now created with no Subject or Body or document actions specified
  • Support for Default country code setting in FuseDocs integration
  • Get Help now links to this page


  • Added more detail to the finalisation email wording for Signers. 


  • Support for bulk update customers via CSV upload


  • Bundles are no longer rejected if only some documents in the bundle are rejected, instead the rejected documents are marked as Rejected, and all the other documents are signed as normal.
  • You can now set the email logo to be aligned to the Left, Right or Center.
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