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FuseDocs + Xero Practice Manager - Getting Started
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Your FuseDocs workflows are designed to extract as much information as possible to make your life easier.


To get started with FuseDocs and Xero Practice Manager please first contact your FuseDocs implementation consultant or our support team. Our team needs to enable the authentication method to connect to your Xero account. You can contact us at [email protected].


Once our support team has activated this for you, please follow these steps to connect to XPM:


1. Open your FuseDocs desktop application, and log in.


2. On the settings tab, click "Check Connections".



3. The XPM connection will be listed as a connection that you can test. Click "Connect + Test" next to Xero Practice Manager Data Connector.



4a.  If this is the first time anyone from your practice has connected, you will be shown a Xero login screen. Follow this process to log in to Xero with your username, password and 2FA code.



4b. If someone else in your organisation has already connected to XPM - you can skip to step 6.


5. Select your XPM organisation and confirm you are happy for FuseDocs to connect to it.



6. After allowing access, FuseDocs will confirm it is able to connect, and display the status page.



7. You're done! FuseDocs will now be able to connect to your XPM client data and extract information to assist in your FuseDocs workflows. 

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