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Restarting FuseDocs updater
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If you are clicking to update FuseDocs, the App is closing but nothing happens afterwards, your Update service has likely crashed.


To restart:

- Click Windows Start menu button

- Type "services.msc", and click "Services App"

- Find "SBSUpdater" in the list of services (you can left click any service, and tap the "s" key on your keyboard to jump down the list)

- Right click "SBSUpdater", click "Start"

- If the above is greyed out, try right clicking > "Stop", then attempt to right click > "Start" again.

- We also recommend changing "Startup Type" to "Automatic (Delayed Start)".


A small window will pop up with a progress bar, once that has finished the SBSUpdater service should display as "Running" in the status column.


Re-open FuseDocs and update through Settings > Check Update Status.

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