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Complex Document Modifications
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If your documents are 'text searchable' FuseDocs can modify or process your source documents as follows: 

  • Include only certain pages from a .pdf document
  • Reorder sections of .pdf documents
  • Apply signature images in the correct locations
  • Apply sign here stickers in the correct locations
  • Apply the date to your compilation report


Your FuseDocs Consultant will analyse your documents to determine what rules need to be built into your solution to process these document modifications.  FuseDocs is built around rules and conventions so the more standardised your documents are, and the better they conform to these rules and conventions, the more efficient and effective your automation will be.  


We have identified that there is almost always variation between the pages commonly extracted, and common sticker placements between different software packages and different entity types. 


To undertake a document analysis for your specific systems your FuseDocs Consultant will need a copy an unmodified source document of each document type that needs to be modified.  Consider what software packages you use to create the different document types that are included in your packages - do you use XPM, MYOB, Xero, others?  Then, for each software package please provide the following to your consultant:

  • Financials for an example Company
  • Financials for an example Trust
  • Financials for an example Partnership
  • Financials for an example Superfund
  • Refundable and Payable Income Tax Return for an example Company
  • Refundable and Payable Income Tax Return for an example Trust
  • Refundable and Payable Income Tax Return for an example Partnership
  • Refundable and Payable Income Tax Return for an example Superfund
  • Refundable and Payable Income Tax Return for an example Individual


Yes! That's 4 different financial statements and 10 different tax returns PER SOFTWARE PACKAGE! They will probably look very similar but there are small differences in wording (such as 'directors declaration' vs 'trustees declaration') that can make a big difference when it comes to automating modifications to these documents. 


An Additional Note for Page Order / Document Content Modification


Before embarking on using FuseDocs to reorder your document pages please first, consider why you need to reorder the pages in the document.  Does spending the time to reorder the pages add value to the message that you are sending to your client through these documents, or is it meaningful as is? 


Next, consider if you are able to change any settings in the software package that creates the document so that it is always created with the pages in the right order, first time, every time without the need for any re-processing or re-work. 


If you've explored the above and still need FuseDocs to reorder or exclude pages in your document, your consultant will work through the details with you during your FuseDocs Process Discovery Workshop. 


If you have any questions about complex document modifications please contact [email protected].



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