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DIY: Modifying Workflow Stages
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This support article is part of our 'Do It Yourself' series which aims to put the tools for customising your FuseDocs solution into the hands of your FuseDocs Champion. 


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Modifying Workflow Stages


Internal processes can change from time to time.  You might need another review step, or find that a workflow stage is now being completed by a different part of the team. 


Modifying the workflow stages for a particular solution will affect all users across your firm.  Before modifying your workflow you may like to consider our advice for Designing Your FuseDocs Workflow


You can edit your workflow stages by going to the Champion Tools ribbon and selecting the Edit Workflow Stages button. 


Next you will need to select which solution you want to change. 



A warning window will pop up letting you know that once you modify the workflow stages those changes will only apply to NEW workflows that are created after the change as been made.  These changes will not apply to open workflows that are in your worklist or archive. 



The existing workflow will then be shown in an editor window.  Here you can: 

  • Remove a stage
  • Reorder the stages
  • Enable or disable a stage
  • Rename existing stages
  • Set a default user
  • Update the stage security (who can perform work on the workflow in each stage)
  • Add a new workflow stage



Once you're done making changes remember to click the Save Changes button on the bottom right corner of the editor window. 


Setting a Default User


Add the user name into the Default User column.  New workflows will automatically have these stages assigned to the default user. 


Setting Stage Security


Stage security means that only team members that are members of specific user groups can access the specified stage of the workflow.  This is most useful for approval stages where only partners or directors should be able to move the workflow to the next stage.  User groups are managed through your user settings on as explained in the Managing Your FuseWorks Account + Users support article.  


Adding A New Workflow Stage


Simply click the 'Add new workflow stage' button then edit the details that appear in the editor. 




If you're not confident and worried about breaking your solution by making updates yourself, please log a ticket with our support desk at [email protected].  One of our consultants will give you a call back and help you work through this together in a screen sharing session.


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