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Corporate branding: What do we need?
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FuseDocs can incorporate your corporate branding into your client document packages as an extension of presenting your professional business identity to your clients. 


How to get branding material:

  • There may be a suite of material that already exists in your practice - i.e. logo, letterhead, cover page template; or
  • Engage your marketing team to provide new material, or material they already have prepared; or
  • Engage an external design company to create new material; or
  • Select the FuseDocs 'basic' styling package

You can download a sample document package with the FuseDocs 'basic' styling at the bottom of this article. 


You can download a sample document package with O'Connells OBM corporate styling at the bottom of this article.


What material do we need?

You can download a .zip of sample branding files at the bottom of this article.    


Cover Page + Entity Dividing Page

  • Provide .docx format
  • Complex artwork made up of multiple layered images should be flattened into a single A4 size .png image and placed in the background of the document 
  • Text items should be placed inside text boxes in the correct locations on the page for FuseDocs to modify


Contents Page

  • Provide .docx format of any specific contents text formatting you require
  • Artwork should be flattened into an A4 size .png image and placed in the background of the document or provided separately.


Back Page (if used)

  • Provide .pdf format as the back page is typically not manipulated during the compilation process
  • If client specific details are to be added to the back page for each compilation provide .docx per cover page details above.


Letterhead + Follower (if used)

  • Provide one .png file for each.
  • If your letterhead is made up of separate header and footer images these should be placed in the correct location on an A4 page and converted to a single A4 size .png image. 


Logo Application

  • Provide .png format.
  • If the logo is to appear at a specific location on a page it is worth creating an A4 size image with the logo appropriately located.  Consider Portrait and Landscape applications.


Corporate 'Sign Here' Sticker

  • Provide .png format.
  • Default sticker available if corporate sticker is not preferred. 


Custom Fonts

  • FuseDocs is compatible with most standard Windows fonts in most situations.  
  • If you have a custom font for your business that will be used in your client packages, please provide the .ttf font file.  
  • There may be a small additional charge for setting up custom fonts.
  • Some fonts are not compatible with the FuseDocs engine - we can let you know.


If you need any assistance in preparing your branding material, please email a copy of your current files through to [email protected] where one of our consultants can assess if they are suitable or easily converted. 

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Corporate_Styling_-_FuseDocs_Basic_Example.pdf Corporate_Styling_-_OConnells_OBM_Example.pdf
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