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Bundle Templates
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Bundle templates have now been rolled out in FuseSign! This feature gives you the ability to create unique bundle templates for your practice making it quick and easy to switch between customised templates when creating a new bundle.


Creating Bundle Templates


To access the bundle templates feature, navigate to your configuration settings area, you will see that there is a tab named 'Bundle Templates' 



Getting started on a new template is as simple as selecting 'Create Bundle Template', once you have selected there will be three specific fields for you to fill in:


Template Name - This is your unique internal identifier for this template

Default Subject - The default subject will filter through to your bundles and this will be the subject line your recipients will see

Default Body - The default body will filter through to your bundles

Default Tags - Adding default tags to your templates means that when you use that particular template the tags will automatically be applied for you, visit our bundle tags article for more information: Bundle Tags





Once you have finished creating your first bundle template you can go ahead and add as many additional custom templates as you would like. Simply use the + button to continue creating templates



To edit any of your previously created templates, use the drop down of the selected templates, select the one you would like to edit and simply start editing the fields and save your changes.



Please note there is no limit to how many templates you can create for your practice. 


Using Bundle Templates


Now that you have created some custom bundle templates you are ready to start using them. 


When starting a new bundle you will now have the ability to 'Apply bundle template' 



Once you have applied the bundle template you will be prompted with a window asking if you would like to apply the template



Now that the bundle template has been applied you will see that the subject and body have prefilled for you. 



If you have any questions or require any assistance in setting up your bundle templates, please contact our support team on [email protected]


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