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Bundle Tags
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Bundle tags are now available to be used in your FuseSign platform. 


Bundle tags are a great addition to your bundles as you are able to categorise different areas of your practice depending on your preferences. Bundle recipients will not see these tags, they are internal only.


To set up bundle tags please follow the below: 


Navigate to your practice settings and select the 'Bundle Tags' tab



From here you can use the 'Create new tag', simply type your tag in and press enter to save it. 


There is no limit to how many tags you can add to your FuseSign platform, therefore you may like to use several tags to split out different categories like the type of documents you are sending out (SMSF, Annual, ASIC, BAS etc.) or use the tags to split it out between different teams/partners (SMSF Team, Business Advisory Team, Partner 1, Partner 2 etc.).


To edit any of the tags you have created just hover over the tags and the edit icon will appear, please note that if you have already used this tag on a bundle if you edit the tag it will edit anywhere it has already been used so you won't have inconsistencies.



Bundle Tags on New Bundles


When creating a new bundle to send out, you will now have the option to add a tag in the details area of your bundle, simply select the drop down from the 'tags' area and you will be presented with all of your created tags



You can now select as many tags from the drop down as you would like to be linked to your bundle, for example we have wanted to categorise that the bundle is related to annual documents and belongs to Partner 1



Once your bundle has been sent you will then be able to see the tags in your active bundles grid




Bundle Tags on Active Bundles (Already sent without a tag)


If you had sent out a bundle and forgot to apply a tag or are going back through cleaning up your bundles, simply select one of your active bundles. Once you are in the Document Bundle Review window you will see in the 'Bundle Details' area there is an area to add your tags



You can now go ahead and add any tags required and these tags will now filter through the bundle and show on the active bundles list. 


Adding Bundle Tags to Bundle Templates 


If you are using bundle templates you may like to go ahead and add bundle tags to the templates so that when selecting a template for a new bundle you tags will automatically be applied. 
For information on how to set up bundle templates please visit the following article: Bundle Templates


Coming soon - The ability to search on your tags from the active bundle area.


If you have any questions, please contact our support team on [email protected]


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